Location Information

Bird Life
Many species of native birds live in or stop over at Freycinet and the surrounding area. The Freycinet National Park, including Schouten Island, is a sanctuary for many of these, and the Moulting Game Lagoon just North of Swanwick is a wetland of international importance. Even the unique coastal heathland which is prominent in the immediate vicinity, harbours and feeds many different species of native birds.

Marine Life
The marine life in Great Oyster Bay is to be seen to be believed, and hundreds of colourful fish can be seen swimming amongst the seaweed, sponges and rocks, whilst snorkelling right in front of the Freycinet Beach Apartments.

From the Decks
From the decks, dolphins are often seen gambolling in the bay, and between May and October, families of whales come into Great Oyster Bay to feed and rest.

Hooded Dotterels and Pied Oystercatchers nest on the beach below the Freycinet Beach Apartments and a large number of bird species fly overhead. Apart from the joy of watching Hooded Terns diving for fish in the water directly below the apartments, as well as the Gannets and pelicans, the resident white breasted sea eagle regularly flies along the shore thrilling visitors with it's spectacular aerial display!